Obsessions – Vol. 1 Rive USA

My Rive bottle

Ok, I’ll admit that I can get slightly obsessive about things.  Usually because I have found something really great and I can’t get enough of it.  What can I say, I’m a bit gluttonous at times.
My newest obsession is my water bottle.  People have been carrying around their own water bottles for decades now.  They’re always very utilitarian or they’ve got someone’s business logo on it.  My thing is I am constantly looking for opportunities to add some style to my day; kind of put my own stamp on my surroundings.  Enter this water bottle.  I know, how could it possibly that great, right?  Here’s the deal:
My Rive USA water bottle has become my adult sippy cup.  I take it everywhere.  Not only do I love having something unique, I like the way Jillian Craig, founder of Rive USA, calls herself a fashion-forward, health-conscious, eco-savvy entrepreneur. This is perfect for me. While taking care of myself and the environment is a top priority for me, so is looking good.  How symbiotic!
Style is not the only reason to carry this bottle.  There are several reasons these bottles are so great:
1. Glass – according the the FDA, glass is the safest packing material on the planet.  With concerns over BPA’s from plastic bottles, glass bottles are the safest.
2. Lead free – all designs are 100% lead free and fused onto the glass.
These first two make sure that your water stays as pure coming out as it was going in.
3. Dishwasher safe (top rack) – it’s glass, so it won’t deteriorate with each wash
Patricia Fields bottle
4. And yes, they’re stylish – with sleek styles, even designer collaborations (check out the exclusive Patricia Field design for NYFW 2013 this year) there are options to appeal to everyone.  And no one ever mistakes my bottle for theirs.
5. They’re budget-friendly – $15 – $25
I will admit, they are glass, so they have some weight to them – 12.7 – 13.2oz So, it takes some getting used to.  I’d rather have the safety of glass.  Plus, I can get some quick upper body exercise in while I’m sitting at my computer, on the plane, on a bus…
One of my favorite spots for it is by the bed.  I always want some water at night, but in a regular glass water gets dust in it and putting a lid back on a bottle when you’re sleep can be tricky. The wide mouthed lid adds both color and function with it’s leak resistant cap with  protective collar.
I, thankfully, received mine as a gift and it is definitely one of my favorites so far this year.
With the holidays coming up, a Rive USA water bottle is certainly something to consider.
Also available on amazon.com and csnstores.com

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