An Herbal Martini – Yes Please

Altar picAs we know, I love food and entertaining.  So, when my friend Lynette invited us to the San Francisco Magazine Fall Fest 2013, I jumped at the opportunity.  Food as entertainment, what could be better?  SF Mag gathers some of the top restaurants, wineries and other food companies together for a feast for the eyes, the palate and the belly.  I ate so much good food.  I drank great wine. We got a Riedel glass as a favor.  Stella Artois was pouring their signature Belgium beers.  They were also pouring their new Cidre. That made my little gluten-free heart go pitter pat.  And they were pouring into glassware to take home.  I love fabulous glassware as swag.   It was while attending this fabulous food fest that I found myself joyfully reconnecting to a product that had impressed me when I encountered it at New York Fashion Week this year.
As I was making my way around the event, I’m talking to my wusband about my opinion on everything – what I’m eating or drinking, on what someone is wearing, on the presentation, where’s Lynette, oh this is very tasty it reminds me of this stuff I had in New York during Fashion Week.  I really did say that to my wusband.  I was tasting this stuff that I can’t remember. It was her description of her product that reminded me of the other product.
The product I was fighting to remember is called ALTAR – The Herbal Martini.  Isn’t that a great name?!  And it’s a great product.
September, 2013 – I’m at this blogger’s event being held at Bumble & Bumble in the Meat Packing District during NYFW.  I walk over to this display of what look like cocktails (Oh thank goodness) and I am offered a taste of Bliss.  How could I resist?
Check out this description:
It is an all-natural premium Alcohol Free beverage masterfully blending the world’s finest and most exotic fruits, vegetables, teas, spices, along with a totally unique herbal formulation taking you on a journey beyond mind and palate.

Bliss Herbal Martini

The Herbal Martini
Then you taste it and it’s like nothing you’ve ever had before.  Blissful is exactly how I felt.  Immediately afterward I thought about mixing it with champagne!  What sounds more blissful than an herbal Blisslini!
photo (6)

Here I am at SFMag Fall Fest 2013 with Jagatjoti- Altar Founder

ALTAR embraces the concept of Considered Curation™ by hand selecting, nurturing, and looking after each ingredient, cultivating each flavor, engaging each tea, and thoughtfully applying each herb in an effort to create the world’s first Herbal Martini — an experience you will remember for a lifetime. — Jagatjoti/Founder
It sounds like a tall order for a drink with no alcohol in it.  It’s not.  It is unlike anything you’ve ever had.  Imagine, feeling nurtured without chocolate being involved.  Not only are the flavours amazing, the concept of creating a feeling by consuming this elixir is intriguing as well.
Aphrodisiac,  Bliss, Chi, Restore, Chill…don’t these just sound like things you want to drink and experience?
If you are wondering where to find these enticing elixirs, check out their website:
Now, which ones will I serve for in the VIP Lounge for my accessories pop up shop next month…let me know if you try any.


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