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I go by the name DJ VeeV. When I’m in my zone. Music is life, music is feelings with a beat; music to me is like breathing to life… I need it! My mixes are for the people. I get to vibe to my favorite tracks and hear the magic as they interact. I put together eclectic universal mixes with a lil’ something for everyone. I love doing new things and meeting great people. I like to dance and sing in the car. I love my family; they drive me crazy but they’re mine. Also, my friends are the best and they know it. They are all such beautiful souls; they make me so proud. My dreams include traveling the world; and doing more of what I want to do… Except that’s expensive; so I have a day job to fund the dream. I work hard to play hard, and I give All or Nothing. All because I’m just living #MyBestLife.