Bubbles tickle my funny bone…

Champagne Glass Tower
Ok, I’m just going to say it, I love champagne.  Let’s be clear, I mean champagne, not sparkling wine.  Yes, sparkling Prosecco is delicious, nothing makes a better Bellini.  Yes, the US makes some really high-quality sparkling wines.  I mean, one of my homes is in Northern California, so of course, I know about the winemaking skills of the artisans homegrown here in the States.
By that same token, champagne is different.  Although I may not be a religious woman, I have a true love for those Benedictine monks that invented champagne waaay back in the 16th century.  They definitely knew what was up.
The thing about champagne is, in order for it to actually be called “champagne” it has to come from the Champagne Region in France.  This is cool already.  Nothing about it is everyday.  It had to get here from France just for me to be able to drink.  Then it’s full of bubbles.
Bubbles tickle my funny bone.  We’ve known from childhood that bubbles make everything more fun ~ bath time was way more fun with bubbles.  Who didn’t thrill in blowing those soap bubbles and chasing them in the yard?  When we got old enough to chew gum, what was more fun then blowing the biggest bubbles possible?  Bubbles are just fun and festive.
I learned about the pain of too many of those bubbles at like 19.  I spent one hot afternoon at a charity polo tourney with a charming polo player named Gregory. He never let my glass get empty.  I mean who wouldn’t drink too much champagne when a handsome, green-eyed,  Argentinian polo player is offering it?
I’ve always wanted to throw a party at a champagne bar in Denver called  “Fluff” (how GAY is that name?!).  You can get a blow out, make up and a glass of “champers” at 9 am.  Perfect way to start your day! http://fluffbar.com/
I know what you’re wondering, what’s my favorite?  I’ll give you my top (3):
1. Perrier Jouet  (A girl does love flowers)
2. Veuve Clicquot  (The label looks like a French sunset)
3.Moet (The favorite of The Great Gatsby apparently http://us.moet.com/)
So, this weekend to celebrate me, a friend’s birthday, or just living life, grab a bottle of champagne and have a good giggle.


Seriously? One of your homes in Northern California and a charity polo match? This could be a light, informative, useful piece if you didn’t talk down to your reader – as if you didn’t post it for anyone but people with multiple residences and excess funds. Instead, I showed up. I agree with you on the 3 champagnes however. Especially the flowered bottle.

I do live in multiple places. I have attended many charity functions, this particular event was to raise money for the symphony. I am not speaking down to anyone. I have had a wonderful, blessed life. And I am grateful for the incredible life that I have been blessed with. I have lived my life without benefit of a silver spoon. I am a supporter of many charities, they raise money in many different ways, sometimes polo tournaments. I’m glad that, although you feel that I was somehow speaking down to my audience, you’ve got such amazing taste in champagne.

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