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FANtastic Friday & Black Truffles

Hello Lovelies! It’s another FAN-tastic Friday and today we’re talking about black truffles. No this isn’t about some new restaurant or recipe. This is about your skin. You may have heard the phrase black don’t crack. The idea is that black folks look young forever. Looking at this picture of Cecily Tyson at 91, I would say it would appear so. While black may not crack, it is not invincible. Skin is skin, regardless of the color, and all skin needs care. Many things  ...

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I believe you may already know how much I like to lounge in bed.  Read “I Finally Understand Hugh Hefner”  Part of the lounging ritual has to do with the bed you are lounging in.  A big part of that experience is the sheets. Really beautiful sheets are one of the best things in life.  So, many people underestimate a beautiful set of sheets.  Yes.  It’s true.  When you are in bed, lying on those sheets, most of the time you are sleeping.  That’s  ...

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