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Dinah Shore 2018

Well it’s officially Dinah Season again. I have heard from several people about starting their ‘Dinah Diets” and rededicating to their workouts. It makes sense. With 10,000 women descending on Palm Springs for a weekend of fun, in various stages of undress, you want to make sure you look good. While I’m not changing my diet (I’m already a non-GMO, organic food eating vegetarian). I have definitely rededicated myself to my yoga practice. Plus I decided that this year is really all about  ...

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What Goes Around Comes Around

You never know what good is going to come from a painful moment in your life. June 2011 was just such a moment when long-awaited good appeared. I had been dreaming of being a writer for years, reaching all the way back to when I was 14 years old. So to hear the words, “We’d like you to write a column,” meant I was finally getting the chance to live that long, almost forgotten, dream. When I wrote the first piece for my column that came to be known as The Lesbian Socialite 7 years ago, my  ...

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Every Gal Needs a Pal

What do you get when you cross Tinder with GBF: the movie? No this is not a joke, it’s an app. A couple of weeks back, I received an invitation to celebrate a new app called the Gal Pal app. So, on a beautiful sunny day in Santa Monica, my producer Kory Goetzman and I found ourselves in the penthouse restaurant  at the Huntley Hotel, toasting the beginning of a new venture for founder Jasmine Sassounian and her best gay friend and business partner Ian Maxion. Greeting us were  ...

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