Hello TLS readers out there! Welcome to the first post on Kimmie’s Corner where I plan on writing about anything and everything #FANGIRL. That also means if you know of some show, game, movie or whatever that is LGBTQIA related you need to send it to me NOW! Do not pass go, do not collect your […]

Pushing the Reset Button

A little over a year ago, January 30, 2014, to be exact; I made the announcement that this blog was officially becoming a website. It did! I posted all kinds of fun adventures and interviews with my friends. I learned a lot, traveled a lot and made a lot of new friends. Recently, two things […]

Each challenge …

Each challenge we face in life often brings up feelings of fear, pain, anguish, loss, anger, and so on. When we experience these feelings we must somehow find a way to move passed them — to learn the lessons necessary and continue forward. -Robyn Vie Carpenter Yes it’s true.  I quoted myself.  This was my […]

If I’ve invited…

If I’ve invited you over for dinner, all I want is you and your sparkling company, not more junk [sic] stuff. Narcissista.me This quote from the Narcissista.me blog is a perfect example of why I love it.  This piece titled: The Art of Giving the Perfect Hostess Gift is two things,  totally right and completely […]