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Every Gal Needs a Pal

What do you get when you cross Tinder with GBF: the movie? No this is not a joke, it’s an app. A couple of weeks back, I received an invitation to celebrate a new app called the Gal Pal app. So, on a beautiful sunny day in Santa Monica, my producer Kory Goetzman and I found ourselves in the penthouse restaurant  at the Huntley Hotel, toasting the beginning of a new venture for founder Jasmine Sassounian and her best gay friend and business partner Ian Maxion. Greeting us were  ...

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FANtastic Friday & Black Truffles

Hello Lovelies! It’s another FAN-tastic Friday and today we’re talking about black truffles. No this isn’t about some new restaurant or recipe. This is about your skin. You may have heard the phrase black don’t crack. The idea is that black folks look young forever. Looking at this picture of Cecily Tyson at 91, I would say it would appear so. While black may not crack, it is not invincible. Skin is skin, regardless of the color, and all skin needs care. Many things  ...

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Poolside Glamour Dinah Style

  The thing that I find the biggest challenge is wearing make up in the heat. I never want to look like I tried too hard, you know. This is Palm Springs after all. For The World Famous Dinah Shore Weekend it’s not just about looking good for fun in the sun, it’s also about transitioning to an evening look that adds more pizazz without looking overdone. I decided to ask an expert for advice. A couple months back I had the pleasure of meeting Lori Leib, the creative director of  ...

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It’s All About the Bag

I travel a lot. My wusband and I travel for pleasure as often as possible. I also have the pleasure of travelling for work. I spend an average of 2.5 weeks per month travelling during the most social seasons of the year of Late Spring to mid-Autumn. For anyone that travels that often, you have to get really good at working in motion. This means you have to carry your office with you. If you’re anything like me you have multiple electronic devices, which also means multiple cords,  ...

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