I Love Hotels

I love hotels.  I used to travel a lot for business.  After the excitement of traveling to a new place, staying in a hotel was top of my list.  And when you travel in the fashion industry you stay in some lovely hotels. My love affair with hotels started at a young age.  When I […]

The 15 in 15 Rule

This last week, I was in 5 cities in 7 days. Then, I spent all day at the airport waiting to get home because of weather.  I ended up with far too much time on my hands.  With thoughts of the things to do – emails to send, articles to write, schedule for this weekend’s PRIDE […]

Morning Epiphanies

After a tiring journey home yesterday, I got up for my morning walk.  I hadn’t walked in days so I started out with an ambitious pace.  I got pretty far before I looked up and realized I still had to turn around to come back.  We’re on the hunt for a new place, so I’m […]

Let the Fireworks Begin

On my trip to Denver this week, I found myself attending two non-profit informational events. This is code for “dazzle you and get your time and your money”.  I usually fall for them in some way.  I’ll get something from the silent auction, I’ll buy raffle tickets, I’ll pledge $50.  What I usually do not […]