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What Goes Around Comes Around

You never know what good is going to come from a painful moment in your life. June 2011 was just such a moment when long-awaited good appeared. I had been dreaming of being a writer for years, reaching all the way back to when I was 14 years old. So to hear the words, “We’d like you to write a column,” meant I was finally getting the chance to live that long, almost forgotten, dream. When I wrote the first piece for my column that came to be known as The Lesbian Socialite 7 years ago, my  ...

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What’s in a name & the birth of the word “Wusband”.

After June 26, 2015, Gay Marriage became legal world wide. Thus started the “Great Name Debate”. Now that we could all marry – whose name do we chose? Should we choose surnames after creating careers for so long under our current ones? Unlike our straight counterparts, this wasn’t an issue that we’d faced before or even had an unwritten rule about it. Truthfully, it was new ground. The Lesbian Socialite herself, Robyn Vie-Carpenter, faced this head on and was  ...

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I Swear I’m Supposed to Be Here

I am an accredited member of the press.  I have many badges from many events to prove it; not to mention my syndicated column and other feature articles (  However, every season I wait anxiously to get my email stating that I officially have my credentials to attend Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. When it finally arrives, I feel like I found the golden ticket and I am supposed to break out into song ~ I’ve got the golden ticket…it’s better that I  ...

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