Hey everyone! New #TeamSocialite member , #FANGIRL (Kimmie’s Corner), Kimberly here! Just letting everyone know that CLEXACON 2018 is only a few short days away! Billed as “The largest multi-fandom event for LGBTQ women & allies. Celebrating LGBTQ women and characters in TV, film, web series, comics, books and more.” – You know The Lesbian […]

I Swear I'm Supposed to Be Here

I am an accredited member of the press.  I have many badges from many events to prove it; not to mention my syndicated column and other feature articles (  However, every season I wait anxiously to get my email stating that I officially have my credentials to attend Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. When it finally […]

We're In This Together

As I write this, #SCOTUS, has just handed a great big gift for Pride to the LGBT community.  I watched the MSNBC Big Gay interview between out, on-air host, and San Francisco Pride Grand Marshall, Thomas Roberts, and the couples of the Prop 8 case as they received a congratulatory phone call from #POTUS on […]

I'm obsessed

Now that my wusband and I have decided what we are doing about our living arrangements, I have found myself obsessed with home decor.  Understand, I have always been pretty obsessed with home decor.  I thank my mother for that.  However, now thanks to Jason Oliver Nixon (@JOliverNixon), I’ve got a much more serious online […]

Bubbles tickle my funny bone…

Ok, I’m just going to say it, I love champagne.  Let’s be clear, I mean champagne, not sparkling wine.  Yes, sparkling Prosecco is delicious, nothing makes a better Bellini.  Yes, the US makes some really high-quality sparkling wines.  I mean, one of my homes is in Northern California, so of course, I know about the […]

I love to cook…

My wusband and I eloped just over 3 months ago.  So, although I haven’t gotten my big shindig of a wedding just yet, I am most certainly already a wife. I love the idea of being a wife.  I get to be called “Mrs.” somebody.  I love grocery shopping and packing her lunch, I don’t […]