Counting down to Dinah…

Flashback to the year 2004. I had just graduated high-school and The L word 1st season was just coming towards its end. It was episode 12 (ironically titled “Looking Back”) that first introduced me to Dinah Shore weekend. At that point, it just looked like something that you would only see in a movie or TV show somewhere. Not something completely imaginary, but at the same time, simply never felt like anything attainable in my future. That being said, here we are..

Fast forward to twelve years later where I am now living in Southern California. The illustrious Dinah is less than one month (and a three-hour drive) away and Team Socialite is offering your girl an opportunity to be in attendance at the largest all women’s party in the country!! And to celebrate their 30th anniversary! What can I even say about that?! Don’t worry, I’ll try to find some words… HELL YEAH!! As I mentioned earlier, this years event will be the 30th anniversary and will be headlined by some of the most talked about emerging ladies in hip-hop, amazing voices of neo-soul/r&b, hilarious comedians, and icons in the queer community, some new and some familiar.

Can we get right in to what I’m most excited about? First and foremost, THE WOMEN!! Not just the women attending, but also those beautiful women entertaining. I know that seems obvious, however, it is not just about being surrounded by women. It’s about what it means in a male saturated queer community to be in a space of hundreds (if not 1,000’s) of like-minded women. Each with a similar goal to simply have fun! Taking time away from the day-to-day responsibilities to go dance, drink, and maybe do a little more behind closed doors. I am excited to see people in their element.

All ranges of age, race, and social class with a shared goal. To soak up some sun, dance with their loved one, or maybe run into a new cutie on the dance floor. I eagerly anticipate feeling like a single drop amidst this ocean of bodies that makes up such a huge, yet widely overlooked aspect of the queer community. Not to mention, the people watching will be out of this world! In addition, the time I’ll get to spend lost in my mind about the magic of women bonding, I also get to dance!!

This year’s festivities will include twerk-worthy slaps from Saweetie, Yung Baby Tate, and Ally Brooke. Coupled with the smooth, vibey jams of Lion Babe, Madison Paige and UMI. Sexy energy will definitely be in the air! I must say, it is exciting to see some of these Grammy nominated artists, but I am super geeked to see UMI, who will have her full band performing with her. This exciting young artist is really making her mark on the songwriting world and I am eager to see her in this environment.

So now we have amazing musical artists and DJ’s that will keep those well-tanned booties shaking. Besides that, there will also be comedy! The Thursday night comedy lineup will include the hilarious women Dinah Leffert, Gina Yashere, and Dana Goldberg. This groundbreaking event is guaranteed to be lined with entertainment from beginning to end, and in all imaginable ways. I could not be more excited to be in attendance. And I think the 30th year is the best time to make my first time at Dinah. I will be bringing you the scoop from deep in the lady- filled action. I also¬† get to experience my first Hot Girl Summer (I just learned what that means!) in the best way possible!! We’ll see you all in Palm Springs!!


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