Denver – Through Patty's Eyes

I am busily preparing for my friend Patty Hughes to come to Denver for her new travel show – Patty On Site.  When she told me that she was doing this travel show, I harassed her until she agreed to come to Denver.
This is the first show I have ever produced.  I worked as an associate producer on a PBS show a couple of years ago.  Mostly I was responsible for the care and feeding of the talent – literally. I made sure everyone felt okay and that they all ate.
This time I am coordinating the shoot.  I am making the arrangements with the different locations, connecting with the Denver Visitors Bureau, worrying about the details.  It’s actually A LOT of fun!
I love Denver.  It’s got lots going on.  My friends back East make fun of me always talking about Denver.  They, mistakenly, believe that if you’re not on a coast you don’t have as much to offer.  So, I’m excited to be able to show my friend Patty and her viewers some of the great things and people that there are in Denver.
We’ll be headquartered at the Spring Hills Suites Marriott Downtown (  This is an incredible location.  It sits right in the heart of everything.  And it’s got AMAZING views.  We will be shooting all over downtown, Cap Hill, Cherry Creek North and in the Highlands.  I’ll be tweeting from all of our locations so follow me so you can keep up, we’ve got a killer schedule planned (@TheLesSocialite).
I’m really excited because this is exactly what I love to do.  I love introducing my friends to each other and helping introduce people to new and fun experiences.  Nothing is cooler than when you get to see someplace you know through the eyes of someone that’s never been there before.  It’s like re-reading a book and finding out there was a different ending.
Every day I get to unwrap a new experience in my life.  Seeing the Mile High City through Patty’s eyes is going to be an extra special gift.

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