We’re looking for you to join Team Socialite at The Dinah!

You heard me right. You need to have two things to win this contest: First a hankering to attend the World Famous Dinah Shore Weekendthat has never been fulfilled. Secondly, you must want to join Team Socialite and tell everyone all about it. How can you enter? It’s actually pretty easy.

My first suggestion – Stalk The Lesbian Socialite on social media, the more engaged you are the easier it will be to see you.
Twitter (@TheLesSocialite), Facebook (The Lesbian Socialite page), Instagram (@TheLesbianSocialite) and tumblr (@thereallesbiansocialite) are all places you can interact with The Lesbian Socialite. Then:

  1. Tell us why you want to join Team Socialite. We party with a purpose over here. It’s not simply about looking good and being fabulous. It’s about doing good and being supportive to our community. Tell us what our motto socially active through social activity means to you.
  2. Tell us your Dinah dream. Why do you want to go to The Dinah?

Get creative. You can post your story on our Facebook page or tag The Lesbian Socialite on other social media make sure you use the hashtage #TSDinah2016
Then stay engaged. Invite your friends to make your case. Post as often as you like. Remember we are a social bunch. We like to be engaged in a conversation. So, engage us.
The rules: NO NUDITY! We are dignified-ish. Remember I said stalk me a little. Figure out how to stand out without being vulgar Lovelies! I love anything about people doing good things for our community as well as champagne, chocolate, food in general, travel, fashion and parties with a purpose. Show me you’re already a member of Team Socialite.

Contest ends midnight March 3.
What you’ll get:
We will be choosing (2) winners. Each winner will receive:
The Golden Ticket: You plus the companion of your choice with get weekend passes to attend the World Famous Dinah Shore Weekend.

  • SWAG – You will receive a $50 credit with OUT is in USA. This is owned by my friend Kathleen. She’s got some really great products that she’ll be bringing with her as a vendor. We’ll be on hand to see you get your swag and get some great pics for our photo album.
  • BRAG – You’ll also be featured on TLS website with your firsthand account of what it meant to finally attend The Dinah Plus, lots of social media shout outs over the weekend. I want to introduce you to all of my cool friends.
  • PARTY – Speaking of my cool friends, Team Socialite will be hosting a little get together at our Dinah Club House in Palm Springs. You and your companion will be our guests of honor. I’m sure more gifts will be involved. Some of my friends are still distracted by the ending of awards season, NY Fashion Week and escaping to Mexico. I’ll keep you posted.

If you do follow me on social media already, you know I’m always hosting a lovely little soiree for my friends. The cool thing about The Dinah, a lot of my friends are in town. You never know who’ll show up at my place. You better get your entry in.

PLEASE NOTE: This DOES NOT include travel or accommodations. That is still your responsibility. I can get you into the party Dahling, you’ve got to figure out how to get yourself there.



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