Dinah Shore 2018

Well it’s officially Dinah Season again. I have heard from several people about starting their ‘Dinah Diets” and rededicating to their workouts. It makes sense. With 10,000 women descending on Palm Springs for a weekend of fun, in various stages of undress, you want to make sure you look good.

While I’m not changing my diet (I’m already a non-GMO, organic food eating vegetarian). I have definitely rededicated myself to my yoga practice. Plus I decided that this year is really all about having fun and celebrating the incredible talents of those that have supported The Lesbian Socialite over the years. To that end, I have chosen who will be covering all of the festivities for Team Socialite this year. I am happy to announce that I’ve chosen the dynamic DJ duo, Blondetourage – Erin “DJ Robot 5000” Beeler and the beautiful Bria Miracle (yes that’s her real name). You may remember them from last year. They were the Team Socialite correspondents for Krave Spring Break. They did such an amazing job! They proudly supported Team Socialite all weekend. They even helped me and producer Kory Goetzman throw one of the best after parties I have ever thrown (the legend of room 187 lives on). Sorry if you missed it. This year there will be a list, so be on the lookout in a couple of weeks.

This year we’ve moved them up to the majors. They will be at all of the parties, doing red carpet coverage and of course, the famous Dinah pool parties. I can’t wait to see who shows up this year! Be sure to subscribe to the Team Socialite TV channel as well as Blondetourage channel on YouTube. You don’t want to miss any of the action.

Each year The Dinah finds new ways and new voices to speak to the times, what’s in store for 2018? I’m so glad that you asked! Commemorating its 28th Anniversary March 28 through April 1, The Dinah is continuing its longstanding focus on Women Empowerment. Which brings me to the first performer: Madame Gandhi.

Kiran Gandhi, known by her stage name, Madame Gandhi, knows that “the future is female” and she is ready to bring that message to The Dinah.
“I want music to make feminism culturally relevant. I want my music to make gender equality culturally even more relevant.”

A champion of sisterhood and female empowerment, Madame Gandhi practices what she preaches. The electronic music artist and activist based in Los Angeles who gained notoriety as the free-bleeding runner at the 2015 London Marathon, writes music that elevates and celebrates the female voice. I am particularly excited about meeting this young woman. I too ran the London Marathon, many years before. It takes an enormous amount of tenacity to do it. I was quite proud of her for not letting anything, including judgment from others, stand in her way to the finish line. She is a Harvard graduate, TED talk presenter, noteworthy South by Southwest performer and the list goes on. She’s got an impressive resume of achievements. She is using her voice, music and written work to empower her audiences to be their best and most authentic selves. Yes, sister!

“The Dinah has always been infused with a subtle but powerful social message. Finally, in the last few years, our very own internal messaging is resonating with the social and cultural landscape in the most exciting of ways, opening the door for The Dinah to stand out even more in its representation and celebration of all voices from all walks of life” ~ Mariah Hanson, founder, and producer, The Dinah

It’s gonna be good. Be sure to get your tickets NOW – www.TheDinah.com

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