Hello TLS readers out there! Welcome to the first post on Kimmie’s Corner where I plan on writing about anything and everything #FANGIRL. That also means if you know of some show, game, movie or whatever that is LGBTQIA related you need to send it to me NOW! Do not pass go, do not collect your $200 – seriously Email me or go to my Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and send me a message! Go ahead… I’ll wait.

Good?!? Awesome. So let me give you some details on when I became a FANGIRL and why it was really a weird thing for me. I’m a Xenite – if you don’t know what that is… I’m so sorry. Basically, I was into Xena: Warrior Princess because it was really one of the few shows that had any hint of subtext that felt real. We had viewing parties in the 90’s and this is what we did. It was a fun thing to do with my friends, but it was also a safe haven. Xena gave me and so many others like me a place to see ourselves in the media. Later on there was Buffy – but I still haven’t really forgiven Joss Whedon for the whole Tara being shot via stray bullet thing – but I digress.ANYWAY – that is when I started to learn about the FANGIRL side and cosplay! I dressed up as Gabrielle. Sure, I was 5’9″ and I had darker hair… most people got annoyed that I wouldn’t dress as Xena but it wasn’t me. I understood the sidekick. I was creative, I wrote stories all through school – I even got me some bullying about it back in the day. Either way you go, here was a character who could be gay or bisexual, she was the meek one… and she, IMHO, was more powerful than Xena herself. That’s why I dressed up like her. I finally had my representation – regardless of how insignificant it was.

I’m going to talk more about media representation and a film close to my heart, Feeling Seen, in later posts. For now, go to their Facebook page and check out the clips. It’s really powerful stuff.

Back to being a Xenite…. I found safety there. I was bisexual, but not out to my family at all. My mother liked the show and traveled with me to conventions. It’s funny because she was so supportive of those Xenites who had family struggles… she would hold their hand, talk them through it and be a mom to pretty much anyone who needed it. My nickname was KimmieKat… needless to say MommaKat was born during these cons and it made me very proud. It was also really weird, because here is my mother supporting all these people but I hadn’t even told her about me yet. Not to mention it was safe for me to be with Xenites without judgement but the minute I got home, the gay people I hung out with made fun of me for it.  Talk about a mind f**k.

That’s the thing though, being a FANGIRL was safe. It provided me with a safe place to be myself, hang out with people who had so many of the same interests and never judged me. That’s what I want this Corner to be. It’s a safe haven for reviews, recaps (as many as I can do – I am only one person LOL), place for explanations for parents and others who have no idea what a #SHIP is… So #WAYHAUGHT right now!

Hopefully I do it justice. I hope you all enjoy this place and please make sure to comment, message me or what not. This will be as good as we make it. So, there it is.

Until next time… I have to get my wife watching Wynonna Earp… any ideas how to not spoil every episode when I watch it for the ridiculously number of times again?

Karl Urban before Lord of the Rings & Star Trek
Me as Gabrielle
People Magazine image with Lucy Lawless. I’m top center-right.

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