FANtastic Friday & Black Truffles

Hello Lovelies! It’s another FAN-tastic Friday and today we’re talking about black truffles. No this isn’t about some new restaurant or recipe. This is about your skin. You may have heard the phrase black don’t crack. The idea is that black folks look young forever. Looking at this picture of Cecily Tyson at 91, I would say it would appear so.

While black may not crack, it is not invincible. Skin is skin, regardless of the color, and all skin needs care. Many things can contribute to skin looking less than vibrant – dryness, lack of sleep, poor diet, genetics. I’m going to add one more thing to that list, a beauty routine. I learned a long time ago, if you want your to keep something looking good you have to take care of it. So that means taking care of you skin is vitally important if you want to do your own impression of Cicely Tyson. Which leads me to the black truffles.

A couple of weeks back, I received a special delivery of this FANtastic product, Black Truffle Reinforcing Serum. I had no idea how very special this delivery really was until I started using the product. My skin feels incredible!

I can tell you, while many people will say that I have great skin, I would correct them and say, except for the occasional hormonal blemish, I have clear skin. Great skin means it feels as good to the touch as it looks to the eye. After using this product for the last two weeks, I will now claim great skin. As you can see from the screen grab from my latest video shoot, I am literally glowing! #nofilterneeded

They call it reinforcing serum, I call it magic juice. I think these black truffles they are using are grown in the forest where the Fountain of Youth can be found. It would make sense. Gathering truffles is already a rather labor intensive task, which is why they come with a high price tag. So, such extra special Fountain of Youth truffles would have to come with an extra special price. This magic juice retails for $1500
Yes I know, for some people this is rent or a house payment. I don’t care. Look at it this way: if you spend, conservatively, $50 a week on entertainment, at the end of a year you’ve spent $2600. I can guarantee, you won’t look better for it. Spend just $1500 of that on this product, still leaving you some money for brunch, and know that you’ll be looking good the whole time. I can tell you that when I run out, I will be purchasing more. As I have told you before Lovelies, I am continually manifesting a magnificent life filled with all of the good things. The Truffoire Black Truffle Reinforcing Serum is one of those very good things.
In one word, it’s the moisture. One thing that I know about skin, it requires moisture. The more that it has to endure, the more moisture it needs. Age, sun exposure, stress, wind, air conditioning, heat; these all contribute to lack of moisture in your skin. Although my skin is clear, I lead a very active life and my skin pays the price. I have been struggling to keep my face well hydrated, until now. My skin is looking glowing and vibrant, it is also no longer dry, so it isn’t soaking up all of my foundation. This means I use less and still look good. See, it gets more and more worth the price tag, doesn’t it? This product is going to actually save me money!

If you are looking for a gift to give yourself to celebrate your magnificence, consider this product line. I figure the more of the products that I use, the less makeup I’ll need. Nothing looks as beautiful as good skin. Find a way to treat yourself to something wonderful today!

I hope your Friday is FANTASTIC!!

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