Girl Pride Denver – Part Two, Whitney Mixter

2012 Girl Pride was one of the biggest, if not the biggest, women’s PRIDE parties that Denver has ever seen.  Lingerie models, incredible dj’s, an after-party that goes to the wee hours of the morning.  It felt like my circuit party days back in NYC.
2013 looks like an even bigger and better party.  With DJ’s Lezz VanHalen from NYC, Lea Luna from LA, Denver’s own DJ Stevida and many more, the music is going to be all right, all night.
Her co-hosts this year are Karina Hermosillo ( and Whitney Mixter,The Real L Word own studly beast with the dreads.  I got to chat with both women.  Here’s part two of that chat with Mixter.  We talked about lesbians on television, what it really means to be married and her love of Denver.
TLS: You’re co-hosting this event with Karina Hermosillo.  Do you know her story?
M: I just heard her story.  That’s rad that she’s [out like that].
TLS: Have you noticed how people are having conversations now that even 9 months ago you wouldn’t have imagined?
M: I feel like we’ve kind of made the flip in the past two years and the scales are kind of tipping lesbian a little more.
TLS: That makes me excited.
M: Me too
TLS: Look now you’ve got The Fosters with two female leads in a dramatic series about lesbians.
M: I just drove past that billboard [in LA] and I said to Sara, is that about lesbians?…there are two women embracing, but you know, you never know.
TLS: It’s changing the conversation.  You know usually gays on tv are always funny.  And it’s on ABC Family.
M: I know I’m shocked.  I need to check this out and support my sisteren [SIC].  It’s amazing.
TLS: I think it’s seeing women being unapologetic, out and being successful in their careers.  I mean look at all that Ellen had to go through after coming out and now she’s buying $26 million dollar homes.
M:  Yeah, I think she’s doing ok.  I think it’s been because it’s been a gradual kind of exposure…in mainstream society…it’s been normalizing homosexuality…making people be able to relate to them as people, besides their sexuality…nowadays what we’ve moved away from in the media is portraying gays as caricatures. Where initially there would be the funny gay guy…I think now…we’ve created people first, that happen to be gay…cause the media has a huge influence over how people feel about things.  I think that has made people look at things different[ly].
TLS: Well, look at your show
M:  The reason I was so proud of being on the show I was on, I felt like it had this relate-able sense.  I mean, yeah, granted I did some things that were jaw-droppers and what not.  I did those things, I’m going to own it.  At the same time, I’ve talked to people throughout the country, some had gay daughters, some had straight daughters, that watch the show and relate to the struggle of relationships just as people.  [They said] it really changed their view on things.
TLS: The drama series The L Word got a lot of flak for not showing what real lesbians look like.  And then TRLW comes out and you still looked like them.
M: I know.  People complained that I don’t see my community, but when I watched it, I did see my community.  More so than seeing a physical portrayal, I saw relationships and conversations that really happened between my friend group. And that was the first time I could ever identify like that…the thing that frustrated me the most about that [people thought] they were too pretty or too thin or whatever.  It’s like, this is still a show. It’s still television…I think the deeper message that should have been looked at…what are we saying…how have we gotten to this point to have a show portraying lesbian relationships in a health light…I celebrated it.
TLS: Now you’re a busy woman.  What else have you got going on?
M: I’m all over the place.  I throw a party in LA the first Saturday of the month called Juicy.  That’s doing really well.  Yeah and then Sara and I are very excited because we just launched our clothing line Cloth & Justice.  And it’s going to be really spreading out into bigger things.  I’m really excited about it.  We definitely have a feminine aspect of things…Sara style of clothes.  And then there’s my side…the more androgynous boi side of things.  It’s about comfortable clothes that are comfortable, expressive and say something and that’s what we’re about…being comfortable in your skin, being comfortable in your clothes.
TLS:  I love clothes and it sounds like you’re having fun
M: We’ve really combined our passions.  They say when you love what you do you never have to work.  Clothes works for us.
TLS: How’s married life?
M:  We have our 1 year [anniversary] on Monday.
TLS:  Do you love it?
M: I do.  We’ve been legally married for over a year because we got legally married in Connecticut.  People say the first year is the hardest.  It’s definitely challenging and a huge learning experience.  But, it’s super rewarding and I wouldn’t change it for anything. We love each other tremendously.  We super invested in one another…it’s really satisfying.
TLS: Does it feel different?
M: It’s different in the sense that you can’t fight and be like I’m outta here.  Haha!  It’s like, oh no we’re married.  So, we might as well make it work faster than normal, because this is it.  I joke about that, but it’s satisfying in a sense, because it’s like you don’t get to cop out as easy.  And that means growing up.  It’s been a really big experience for both Sara and I.  We’re definitely both free-spirited people.  But, we found each other and I think we found our match and it’s just been awesome.
TLS: So, we’re going to see you Saturday here in Denver have you ever been here before?
M:  Oh my god!  Colorado is one of my favorite states.  I almost went to Naropa University in Boulder to get my masters in Wilderness Therapy…talk about a lesbian career Haha! But I do love Colorado.  I’m so excited to be there.  It’s the only place that I would live…if California falls into the ocean, that’s where I’m going.
TLS: Yeah, there are a lot of lesbians here.
M: How can Colorado not have a huge amount of lesbians, they have rock climbing and kayaking? Which is why I love it.  I’m really excited to go.
Well we’re excited to have her here.  See Whitney in person tonight at GIRL PRIDE Party & After Hours.  Saturday, June 15, 8pm – 5am, 18+, $10

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