I love to cook…

My wusband and I eloped just over 3 months ago.  So, although I haven’t gotten my big shindig of a wedding just yet, I am most certainly already a wife.
I love the idea of being a wife.  I get to be called “Mrs.” somebody.  I love grocery shopping and packing her lunch, I don’t even mind doing her laundry.  I’m an excellent hostess.  I know what all of those unusual things in the store are (ice cream forks and white vs red wine glasses).  I even own a full set of dishes for card parties with the suits on them, including a cocktail shaker.
My favorite thing to do is cook.  I love to invent meals for my wusband and our housemate.  “The Boys” sit on the couch, usually watching sports (how long is basketball season), I’m in the kitchen cooking dinner.  I can cook most things, sides are my specialty.  I don’t eat meat, so I don’t like to think about it frankly.  I make beautiful salads and delicious pasta dishes.
Now in all of this wedded bliss, you’ll notice one thing not on my list of likes…cleaning.  I do not like to clean.  I know what you’re thinking, who likes to clean?  I know people that like to clean.  They get a real satisfaction from the cleaning.  I understand this.  When I do have to clean, I do it well.  I do like a clean house.  I just don’t want to be the one to clean it.
So, now that we are settling into our new home and beginning to establish our household rhythms, I’m going to announce to “The Boys”, it’s time for a housekeeper.
Now, a housekeeper will do more than just clean.  They will also be able to do laundry and grocery shop if necessary.  Although I really love to shop for almost anything, it’s really annoying to come back home from a trip and find out we have no peanut butter.  Or worse, we do have peanut butter, but it’s Jif or something when I only eat organic, fresh ground peanuts.  One of the best parts will be that unloading of the dishwasher will not result in losing the vegetable peeler for 2 weeks.
I’m not being grand.  My social calendar stays full.  I am on a plane most weeks.  The food I eat is important to me. I don’t look at it as a luxury so much as a tool for a happy marriage.
This will make me happy.  And you know how the saying goes, “if Momma ain’t happy…”


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