I Swear I'm Supposed to Be Here

I am an accredited member of the press.  I have many badges from many events to prove it; not to mention my syndicated column and other feature articles (www.outfrontonline.com).  However, every season I wait anxiously to get my email stating that I officially have my credentials to attend Mercedes Benz Fashion Week.
When it finally arrives, I feel like I found the golden ticket and I am supposed to break out into song ~ I’ve got the golden ticket…it’s better that I don’t sing.  But you get my point.
Understand, just because Ashley at IMG says that I can come, doesn’t mean that I get invited to attend all of the shows.  I still have to wait with baited breath for each designer’s PR team to invite me to attend their show.  Giving me another opportunity to prove that I really am supposed to be here.  I am a chosen one.
In the past, I have been concerned with attending as many shows as possible.  Then I realized, I’m not a fashion writer as much as I am a lifestyle writer.  Why am I making myself so crazy?! So, this season I am going to have a strategy and help.  One of my friends from way back, James Murray,  works at Social Life Magazine these days (www.sociallifemagazine.com).  I think of him as my lifestyle guru for living a fabulous life.  James will be hosting me for fashion week so together we’ll figure out the best shows. He’ll be tweeting with me from the tents, guest blogging with me and generally giving me a gay ole time at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week.  It’s going to be a blast!
I’ve got my hair, manicure and pedicure appointments set and my first lists completed (see The Lists are key…http://wp.me/p3tgL3-mn).  Now that I’ve received my email I am raring to go!
I have several events to attend in both Oakland (this weekend) and Denver (next week) BEFORE I leave for NYC.  It’s a social life and someone’s gotta live it!
Cheers Lovelies!

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