…I used to th…

…I used to think that aprons were a dumb throwback item that had no purpose other than to fuel my husband’s lurid fantasies…
Erika Babineau,
5 Things Someone Really Should Have Told You About Cooking,
Sweet Song Bird Blog

I was baking my wusband biscuits the other day and this quote, from my sister’s blog, ran through my head.  I was looking pretty cute, in my wifey,Donna Reed outfit, to serve my wusband breakfast, or so I thought.  I get the biscuits in the oven and then I look down and…I’m covered in flour and it’s kind of cakey because I washed dishes and got wet.  This is just NOT okay!  So, after I change and take the biscuits out of the oven, I told my wusband that if she wants me to cook more often, then she has to buy an apron for Christmas.  She immediately agreed.  She loved this, of course.  She loves it when I act really wifey.  And an apron is like a wife uniform.  Slowly but surely, they’re wearing me down and this diva/career girl is turning into a wife.
BTW – this is a great post.  It’s already gone viral twice.  My sister cracks me up! Plus, she always has great advice.  Check it out!
Sweet Song Bird – 5 Things Someone Really Should Have Told Your About Cooking

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