I'm obsessed

Now that my wusband and I have decided what we are doing about our living arrangements, I have found myself obsessed with home decor.  Understand, I have always been pretty obsessed with home decor.  I thank my mother for that.  However, now thanks to Jason Oliver Nixon (@JOliverNixon), I’ve got a much more serious online obsession.
I told you the other day about Mad Cap Cottage (www.madcapcottage.com).  Well, MCC is a “Tastemaker” on One King’s Lane (www.onekingslane).  It’s such a cool concept.  Buy one-of-a-kind items chosen by leading design visionaries, on sale!  Now my obsession has become critical.  I am going to need 4 or 5 homes just so that I can fill them with all of the cool stuff.  And since OKL starts new sales everyday, I can stretch my dollars a lot farther.
Then it hit me.  I can buy homes, make them beautiful, furnish them well and then sell them, lock, stock and fabulous furniture included.  How much fun would that be?
For me it is so often more about the get than the have.  Ne c’est pas?
I love discovering something new and beautiful or old and beautiful.  I am particularly fond of the old and beautiful.  So many incredible things have already been made.  Why not just find those, instead of manufacturing a new one to look old?  It’s the ultimate recycling.
However, sometimes there is something new that is a better version than the old.  Sometimes they used dangerous chemicals in old stuff.  It’s bad form to poison people by serving them dinner on deadly dishes.
If you’re interested in One King’s Lane and you use this link: https://www.onekingslane.com/invite/robynvie-carpenter-brisco
You get a $15 credit in your membership account.  I like FREE money.  I was going to buy something anyway.
Happy shopping Lovelies!

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