It’s Hair-yurvedic!

One of my favorite things about writing this and my other blog is that mail is more fun. The other day I got a package I wasn’t expecting. Apparently, there was a mix up at the office and the item I was originally being sent to review wasn’t in there. Instead I received hair products, but not just any hair products, I.C.O.N. products. Never heard of them? That’s okay, I’m telling you about it now.
I want to begin by saying, I have always had major hair envy when it comes to Indian women. Their hair is always thick, shiny and so healthy looking. I asked an esthetician I had once, what she uses on her hair. She told me just natural oils. I was pretty dissatisfied with that answer. I figured she really just didn’t want to tell me. Then I got the I.C.O.N. products in the mail. Apparently, although she wasn’t very forthcoming with details, she wasn’t kidding about the oils, which I understood the moment I starting using these products.

First of all, they smelled amazing! Then I read the label – Vegan, Paraben free. This was making my little hippie lesbian heart go pitter pat. Then I read the literature:

INDIA from I.C.O.N. captures the essence of health and tranquility inside a product line that incorporates ancient practices with the restorative oils of Moringa and Argan. The women of India use these oils to heal. I.C.O.N. uses them for hair-yurvedic benefits to transform hair from dull and lifeless to silky, manageable and full of shine…moringa, argan, amber oils are joined by coconut and olive fruit tree oils…wait, hold the phone. Did that just say, hair-yurvedic!?! Is it me or was that one of the best word mash ups ever? I was sold before I even tried them. They do smell amazing, my hair feels amazing and my girl can’t stop touching my hair. All I have to say is thank goodness for the mix up at the office. I thank you and my hair thanks you.

I can honestly say the 24K Richly Exotic Masque and their India Oil, is probably what saved my hair from being fried this summer. Between the hair color, the travel and the locations I spend my time (hello LA, Palm Springs, Denver), my hair is generally pretty tired. Not this year, this year my hair has been looking and feeling great.

Now, as much as I knew that I loved what was going on with my hair, the real test was going to be my friend Stacy from Haven Hair Studio in Broomfield, Colorado. She is my hair goddess/gypsy hair queen. She’s been doing my hair for years now. If anyone was going to notice the difference it was going to be her. “What have you been using on your hair,” she asked. The good stuff, that’s what. I told her about the products. She told me that clearly my hair was loving it. She said it’s healthier than it’s ever been and is longer than it’s ever been. I smiled and said thank you. I think that their description was totally on point, hair-yurvedic is right.

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