LA Pride 2018 Celebrating Us

LA Pride 2018
DJTatiana LA Pride 2018
DJ Tatiana at The Pepermint

LA Pride, LA Pride… LA Pride. The thing I love most about Pride season is the wonderful energy that it brings. I love be surrounded by strangers and friends alike. All of us surrounded in this aura of love, acceptance, and common desire to enjoy life no matter the cost. All of the letters of the LGBTQ and more were represented; but LA Pride lesbians are my favorites.

Los Angeles is the city of Angels; and she does live up to her name. My flight was short; the landing was smooth, and the weather was great. We had our itinerary (that I knew would never be followed) but we had our priorities in order… To BevMo and AMG on Sepulveda!

Friday night we got the band back together at The Peppermint We arrive in our full glory and DJ Tatiana is EVERYTHING. Her style keeps the party moving all night long. She mixed her Latina style with EDM, Hip-Hop and much more.  She knew

Jumbos LA Pride 2018
Jumbos Shenanigans

how to make us dance… and lesbians every where!

Saturday was the most serene relaxing day by the pool with old friends and new friends; coupled with Margaritas and Modelos.  The attempt to attend the evening festivities was useless.  After 48 years of Pride celebrations in LA; The LA Pride festival was sold out! The headliners included performers Kelani, Tove Lo and Kim Petras; and the crowd was overwhelming; ticket holders were turned away at the gate. We rounded LA and ended at the infamous Jumbos Clown Room {CENSORING}; the happenings of which cannot be disclosed (You know the rules… No Cameras) but I did get this!

DJ Ryan Kenny LA Pride 2018
DJ Ryan Kenny at Palihouse

Sunday Funday lived up to its name this day. We Ubered to the Rooftop party that overlooked the parade path. CHE at Palihouse; I have to admit was my favorite event. The view was amazing. I was so close to the parade and the city scape was breath-taking. I lost my voice while cheering as they all marched and fell in love with another DJ.  This time, DJ Ryan Kenny was my beloved.  He mixed the perfect cocktails of dance and throwbacks.  He played some of my favorite classics with fresh new mixes. It was too intoxicating not to dance; and it had little to do with the alcohol.

Yet another Pride has come and gone; and yet again my love for us is renewed, reinforced, and again realized. Pride is the celebration of all we are the beautiful, the blessed and the wretched. Happy Pride! See You In New York!




I go by the name DJ VeeV. When I’m in my zone. Music is life, music is feelings with a beat; music to me is like breathing to life… I need it! My mixes are for the people. I get to vibe to my favorite tracks and hear the magic as they interact. I put together eclectic universal mixes with a lil’ something for everyone. I love doing new things and meeting great people. I like to dance and sing in the car. I love my family; they drive me crazy but they’re mine. Also, my friends are the best and they know it. They are all such beautiful souls; they make me so proud. My dreams include traveling the world; and doing more of what I want to do… Except that’s expensive; so I have a day job to fund the dream. I work hard to play hard, and I give All or Nothing. All because I’m just living #MyBestLife.

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