Let’s Get Stoned

Stones, crystals, energy, what’s it got to do with living a good life, creating a life of joy, creating a life that rocks?!

Let’s Get Stoned by Robyn Vie-Carpenter

I’ve been using the healing and powerful energy of stones and crystals for years. Recently, I realized that it was time to write this guide. I decided to write it because of the numerous conversations I find myself in with friends and strangers about stones over the years. It happens no matter where I am: in the security line at the airport talking to a TSA agent, at the farmer’s market buying my greens for salad, with the librarian of a school I was touring, at 30,000 feet with the pilot sitting next to me – conversations about stones come up. I’m never really sure how it happens, it just happens. Regardless of where the conversation starts, we inevitably end up talking about stones.

The joy of learning the uses for stones and crystals and finding ways to incorporate that supportive energy in your life is exactly why I wrote this guide.

Join me an adventure. Join me and learn how to create a life that rocks!

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