LGBT Marriage: a wedding gift for Pride

Today #SCOTUS struck down DOMA and gave LGBT Californians the right to get married.  I am thrilled.  I haven’t stopped crying for 3 hours.  My #wusband and I eloped earlier this year to NYC so that we could have a marriage certificate.  Now, we are married in the eyes of our home state,California, and the Federal government.
Does that mean my wusband can claim me on her taxes now?  I am definitely a dependent, haha!  I mean, supposedly we are equal to straight couples now.  It’s a bit of a giant cluster-fuck of “what will happen now”.  I mean if the feds recognize my marriage it is a major game changer for so many things that straight couples don’t even consider, Social Security spousal benefits, for example.
On the 10 year anniversary of the SCOTUS decision striking down sodomy laws, effectively giving gays the right to be gay, we are now told that our marriages, our families are real.  We knew it all along, now our government agrees.
Thanks for the gift!  Happy Pride SCOTUS!

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