Long Beach Pride 2018

DJ-VeeV Sunset

Hello Lovelies! TLS here! I’d like to take this opportunity to welcome our newest contributor DJ Veev to #TeamSocialite! She will doing a fantastic series this summer Called #MyBestLife. We’re thrilled to be bringing it to you exclusively! What does your best life look like? Are you ready to live it?

Long Beach has a special place in my heart. Of all the places I’ve ever lived; dare I call it home. I’ve moved over 30 times, I love traveling places, city-scapes, and oceanic-views; but there’s nothing quite like Long Beach. This year’s Long Beach Pride proved no different. Every time I come back, I discover new things and new perspectives. This time, instead of just viewing the pacific from the shoreline; my new view was on the water.

I’d been planning on attending Long Beach Pride for months. You know procrastinating and not getting my tickets in advance like I should’ve. But [plot twist] I was invited last minute to join the “Lesbionic Skipper” (I made that up). Our “Captain” was opening the champagne with her saber. We drank and made merry.And then this thing happened.

The Boat
“The Lesbian Skipper”

Someone made the suggestion “We Should Get Strippers!” and everyone’s response was gleefully sarcastic…  So we got strippers! It was epic in the most mediocre kind of way. But strippers on a boat; bucket list Check!

The Sunday morning we failed to rise in time for the parade but what followed was serendipitously amazing. We took an Uber from Shoreline Village to Alamitos Bay. Where our tour-guide was not waiting. After a brief panic, we met a local who offered to take us out on his 20 footer. Rob was the best proxy we could have dreamed of. And I found another reason to love Long Beach; world-class beauty and generous people. He not only gave us time he gave a us a glimpse of the life. A local veteran, who uses his boat every day to enjoy what the bay has to offer. He told us about the community, “Jellyfish” Bay and the scenery from the HBO series Dexter; and as a fan, I was delighted to discover.

We then made our way back to the festival and the party was still going strong. The LGBT community was in full force. Two stages with full dances floors, food and vendors as far as the eye can see.  And then the beautiful wonderful array of faces; I look at us all and think “All we need is a reason”. With Long Beach Pride; we had one. Everyone felt the energy but words just don’t do it justice…

That’s Long Beach Pride 2018


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I go by the name DJ VeeV. When I’m in my zone. Music is life, music is feelings with a beat; music to me is like breathing to life… I need it! My mixes are for the people. I get to vibe to my favorite tracks and hear the magic as they interact. I put together eclectic universal mixes with a lil’ something for everyone. I love doing new things and meeting great people. I like to dance and sing in the car. I love my family; they drive me crazy but they’re mine. Also, my friends are the best and they know it. They are all such beautiful souls; they make me so proud. My dreams include traveling the world; and doing more of what I want to do… Except that’s expensive; so I have a day job to fund the dream. I work hard to play hard, and I give All or Nothing. All because I’m just living #MyBestLife.

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