MAGnificent Mondays!

Hello Lovelies! Yes we’ve got a new feature, MAG-nificent Mondays! This day will be devoted to music, magazines, mompreneurs, anything we find magnificent. Our first feature is part 2 of our 2-part story on the music at the World Famous Club Skirts Dinah Shore Weekend . I hope you’re ready, because this list is going to blow you away.
Ok Campers! In part 2 on music at the Dinah, we’ve got some amazing music to tell you about. Just ask Mariah Hanson, founder and promoter of The Dinah: “We have put together the most exciting Dinah line up ever. If I could only pick one Dinah to attend, it would be this year. I’m really happy how things came together. Everyone we asked said yes, and as a result we have the most star-studded, talented Dinah ever! 26 years and we’re better than ever, thanks to our customers and the amazing talent who see this event as a must do. It’s going to be a supreme year.”
So without further ado,  I’d like to bring your attention to center stage:

Elle (the) King– yes, that curvy, platinum blonde, 2-time Grammy nominated powerhouse is bringing her sultry voice to The Dinah. Her hair isn’t the only thing that’s platinum, so is her chart-topping single “Ex’s & Oh’s” from her debut album, Love Stuff . Yeah you know that one that you can’t get out of your head. You’re probably singing it in your head right now, haha! A song she has been quoted calling “the song that keeps on giving.”

In an interview she did with Rolling Stone Magazine, she talked  about appearing on, David Letterman, back in 2011. She was 22. She had just been signed. She said it was special because her father, actor Rob Schneider, had also made his first appearance on Letterman at 22. She may have been appearing for the first time on Letterman, but it wasn’t her first time at Letterman. She quoted her mother, London King, saying: “. . . the last time that she walked through those doors for Letterman, she was pregnant with me.” Talk about full circle coolness.
Not only is she talented, she seems like the kind of girl you could have fun with. I’m really looking forward to seeing her on the Dinah red carpet and hearing this performance.

Angel Haze – I’m thrilled to hear this performer this year. This Rap artist will blow you away, with lyrics like, ” you’re the only person alive that holds the key to your healing”, from her song Battle Cry – featuring Sia on her album Dirty Gold, you know something is different about the purpose of her music. Nominated for an MTV Video Music Award for Best Video with a Social Message, the song tells of disillusionment and finding strength in self.
Identifying as pansexual and agender, Haze has been quoted saying, “Love is boundary-less. If you can make me feel, if you can me laugh – and that’s hard – then I can be with you. . . ” I admire a person that can put so much living in their music. This is going to be good.

Hunter Valentine – all good things must come to an end, at least for awhile. Hunter Valentine will be performing one last time for the women of The Dinah. Currently performing on their So Long for Now Tour, you’ll have one last chance to see them up close and in person.  With the Valentine’s Day release of their new EP, The Pledge (available on iTunes) HV have something special for the women of The Dinah. What better way for these stars from season 3 of  The Real L Word to say so long for now than to do the final stop of their tour at the one and only Dinah?
Their special brand of punk/rock is electrifying and sure to get the crowd going. I have seen them perform a few times and they never fail to elevate their audience. In fact, a couple of times, women have needed to be escorted from the stage. Calm yourselves ladies.

Also performing, world famous cover girl and super model Madison Paige is set to debut her music career and pop newcomer JoLivi.

The five-day world-renown weekend is already making a lot of noise and is well on its way to being the most EPIC Dinah ever . . . do you have your ticketsr?

Don’t be left out of what promises to be an incredible weekend. If you missed the FAN-tastic FRIDAYS post about the DJ’s performing, here you go. FAN-tastic FRIDAYS!

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