Morning Epiphanies

ImageAfter a tiring journey home yesterday, I got up for my morning walk.  I hadn’t walked in days so I started out with an ambitious pace.  I got pretty far before I looked up and realized I still had to turn around to come back.  We’re on the hunt for a new place, so I’m checking out the rest of our town by foot.  You see more that way.
The reason I love a good long walk in the morning is it gives me time to shake out the cobwebs and crabbies from the day before.  I’m not really much of a talker in the morning.  Some people would be surprised to know that.  Morning walks give me time to fully wake up before anyone is trying to engage me in conversation or ask me any questions.
As I walk, I look around me.  Near my home I am blessed with streets and streets of flowering trees, flowers, green grass, humming birds and butterflies to entice and entertain me on my journey.  It gives me time to let my mind wander.  I try thinking my crabby thoughts again, only this time, in the light of another beautiful day, I can’t hold on to those feelings anymore.
There are better things to think about.  I want to think about the new place we’re looking for.  I want to think about the fun events I attend (this week was an event for Dress for Success Denver and the Open Media Foundation Breakfast).  I just want to enjoy the morning and whatever I encounter.  I get some of my best thinking done on my walks because I’m not thinking at all.  A thought comes to me and then I’m like SQUIRREL, totally distracted.
The morning movement is followed by meditation because now that I’ve released all of that energy, I can finally be still and quiet my mind.  Then I have to journal because my mind is then filled with realizations, ideas, leaps of faith and epiphanies.  “Oh that’s why she’s dating that girl.  Oh now I understand what needs to go in that proposal.  That would be a great idea for an article.  Now I see what’s been holding me back from achieving this goal.”  It’s all there and I just let it flow off of the tip of my mind onto the paper.
I am so grateful for this time.  I am able to fully settle in for work once I give myself this time.  And the best part is, I can experience it all again, first thing in the morning.  Morning epiphanies are the best way to start a day.
Looking for some inspiration?  Here’s a link to my friend Jason Oliver Nixon’s site Mad Cap Cottage.  He and his partner provide me with lots of inspiration for my new home.
Cheers Darlings!

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