My Fashion at Fashion Week

It’s been just a month since I attended Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, in New York City.  There was a great deal of preparation involved with my attendance.  My major focus

was my wardrobe.  This was fashion week after all.  And being a curvy girl, finding fabulous fashion becomes more of a challenge.
So, when my buddy Anne Fanganello of Anna Festa Design, offered to lend me some clothes, I leaped at the chance.  First off, she’s my friend and I love her stuff.  Secondly, she’s a Colorado designer, designing for curvy girls.  Thirdly, Anne was one of 13 finalists in the Fashion Group International Denver, Rising Stars competition.  So, I would be strutting my stuff in soon to be award winning fashion.
Day One is credential day:  I wore this cute Anna Festa Design, black and white leaf print, matte jersey dress; my favorite denim jacket, and black flats.  It’s early in the week.  You gotta look cute, but not shoot the moon on the first day.  It was stylish and comfortable.  I looked good and relaxed while lounging in the Vogue Magazine Runway Retreat, picking up my first day’s swag and that first glass of champers!
Day Two the HLN lounge and Hal Rubenstein: Now, although I will be meeting one of fashion’s biggest influencers, I am still playing it cool on the fashion front.  I wear my perfectly proportioned Anna Festa Design, classic black cotton jacket and matching cuffed trousers.  I know I look great, because these trousers actually fit my curves perfectly.  And as anyone knows, leopard print is a neutral so I was elegant and chic without too much effort.  I had a lovely young woman from Trish Mc Voy do a touch up on my make up, before grabbing Hal for a quick chat.  I asked him a gay question that stopped him in his tracks, haha!

Photo by: Patty Hughes, #PattyOnSite

Day Three was spent downtown at one of the “bloggers lounges”.  I sported one of my favorite pieces, my dark navy, tropical weight wool, boys suit.  No designer, off the rack, on sale at some men’s store in NoCal.  I love the gender bending. I femmed it up with my Anna Festa Design, cowel neck tee in slate blue, a chain belt, and black patent pumps.
Day Four back in the tents and now things are getting real.  It’s all about my accessories today.  I belted my AFD suit jacket from the earlier in the week.  This is why it’s so great, two looks in one week!  A pencil skirt, leggings and a white shirt are a nice back drop for my 60’s vintage hand embroidered bag (a Japanese chick took video of it, now I know it’s cool) and my Andrea Li Designs brooch of black onyx, garnet and red coral.  I knew I was giving off just the right vibe when the old Frenchmen asked me out for a coffee (in French) while I was standing in line at the drug store.

Day Five in full fashion force.  This is the last day of shows in the tents and every one is out.  I waited until today to pull out a dress I knew would get plenty of attention; Anna Festa Design, matte jersey, HiLo Maxi in Tangerine.  I’m a hippie diva, so I wore my favorite denim jacket again and killed it in accessories – 50’s vintage bamboo bag, orange hand painted bangle and an orange snood.  I had a lot of pictures taken of me.  And in fashionland during fashion week, having your picture taken is the true validation that your look is working.

There are plenty of stories from each day and I promise to introduce you to all of the amazing companies and people that I encountered along the way.  And thanks to my friend Anne and Anna Festa Design, I looked great everyday.
Fall 2013 is ready for purchase.  You can find her newest pieces at:
Brooch: Andrea Li:
Photos: Blake Alan

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