Poolside Glamour Dinah Style

The thing that I find the biggest challenge is wearing make up in the heat. I never want to look like I tried too hard, you know. This is Palm Springs after all. For The World Famous Dinah Shore Weekend it’s not just about looking good for fun in the sun, it’s also about transitioning to an evening look that adds more pizazz without looking overdone.

I decided to ask an expert for advice. A couple months back I had the pleasure of meeting Lori Leib, the creative director of Bodyography Professional Cosmetics, a boutique professional mineral makeup line. I liked her vibe, she’s a straight girl that knew about the Dinah and when she told me about her new line, Bodyography she used phrases like, “beauty with a conscience is a guiding principle.” The products are paraben-free and the packaging is recyclable, I knew my fellow hippie divas would be all about it.

What started out as a line of 25 lipsticks, produced predominantly for salons, makeup artists and other Hollywood insiders, has grown to over 200 products, with new ones coming on the horizon. The products that I sampled at the event were quite lovely. They felt good going on and the color lasted for drinks that evening. This is why I decided to ask Lori about poolside to evening glamour for my next trip to Palm Springs.

TLS: Lori, when one is poolside, while you want to look good, you don’t want to look too heavily made up. What do we need to keep in mind when thinking about poolside glamour?
LL: Poolside glamour is all about looking effortless and feeling fabulous, you don’t want to worry about makeup sliding down your face or smudging products. Bodyography makeup feels weightless on the skin and gives that perfect glowing look, without looking sweaty – making it a poolside essential. We also offer products that are long wearing, contain sun protection and are available in a plethora of shades.

TLS: Perfect! I definitely want that poolside glow and since people and outfits come in so many shades, it’s good that there are plenty to choose from. What would you say is necessary to keep in mind when you want to look a little better than natural when choosing products?
LL: If you want to look your best, but still look as though, “you woke up like this,” I would recommend sticking to light products such as our Sun Defense Tinted Moisturizer. Not only will it make you look flawless, but it is moisturizing, contains mineral sun protection and has a brush tip for portable application.

TLS: Ok I love everything you just said! Easy, elegant glamour is always the name of the game. A tinted moisturizer with sun protection and easy application; so if I do need to touch up I don’t have a bunch of stuff to carry in my pool bag. What else?
LL: For color, I say stick to the basics – I love our Electric Lip Slides because they come in 10 vibrant shades, last all day and can be used on the lips and cheeks. We love double duty products, especially when sipping margaritas by the pool.
1605 - Berry'd Alive Lip Slide
TLS: Haha! Products that last and are multi-dimensional means I’m assured I look good, coordinated and put together, regardless of how many cocktails I have. This means I can fully enjoy all of the poolside fun at The Dinah and only be concerned about my empty glass and not whether I look as good at 4pm as I did when I arrived at noon.
You know Lori, the best thing about a vacation is things can be more relaxed and less controlled with your style. How does that translate to your approach when applying makeup?
LL: When you’re in the sun your skin gets that gorgeous glow and I say capitalize on this and wear less makeup. I love a liquid bronzer for the skin instead of a foundation. Our Natural Finish Face Bronzer is a gel-like product that adds just the right amount of sheen and gives you a glow J. Lo would be jealous of. I also really love to stick to cream products, like our bright fuchsia blush in Dahlia or our peachy blush in Nectar. These blushes are smooth and creamy and can be worn on the lips too. For eyes, keep it simple and apply a bit of waterproof mascara. You’ll most likely be wearing sunglasses all day so eye makeup is not completely necessary.

TLS: Yay for more double-duty products! The Dinah weekend is jam packed. I have pool parties, as well as multiple cocktail parties, a garden party, a brunch, the red carpet on Friday and Saturday, then dancing into the night. What products would best serve this kind of schedule, yet still keep things light for vacation?
LL: My rule of thumb for day to night makeup would be add a lip and accentuate the eyes. Like [sic] we mentioned before, your skin is already going to look fabulous with a touch of sun and maybe even some new freckles, so embrace that! For an effortless cool girl vibe – I would add a little sparkle to the lids with our Luster Lux Glitter Pigments and draw a small kitten flick with our On Point Liner. Dab on some gloss and go.

TLS: I remember the Glitter Pigments, it made my eyelids kind of holographic! Going light on the lips is something my makeup artist always says. Why?
LL: I tend to stay away from bright lips for parties and late nights, as that can get messy. So, play up the eyes and keep lips hydrated and glossy.

TLS: That’s true. You definitely look drunker with red lipstick smeared across your lips, haha!  These were great tips. These will have me looking good without working too hard. Thanks Lori. The only other tip I’ll add is, the best advice for looking good is plenty of rest and water. Then the makeup simply enhances that natural beauty.

Thanks to Lori Leib and Bodyography, our Dinah contest winners will be receiving each of the products mentioned in the story as part of their VIP Team Socialite experience!
Ok Lovelies, I hope you’ve got your tickets for The Dinah. Come find me we’ll take a picture together. Now that I know how to do effortless elegance poolside I’ll be Instagram ready!

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