Pushing the Reset Button

A little over a year ago, January 30, 2014, to be exact; I made the announcement that this blog was officially becoming a website. It did! I posted all kinds of fun adventures and interviews with my friends. I learned a lot, traveled a lot and made a lot of new friends.

Recently, two things happened, my contract with my current website sponsor ran out. The other thing that happened is I got brave and decided I could be self sufficient. I found a new hosting company. I asked what I thought were all the right questions. Then on May 15, I sat down and did it. I moved my site. I was so proud of myself until I started looking for content and couldn’t find anything. Yep, I’m sure you’ve guessed it. It never occurred to be to back anything up…so my little act of self sufficiency has cost me a year’s worth of content. All gone with a few key strokes.

While this may not have been my ideal situation, I can say that now I feel great! While there is plenty of content that I wish I could have salvaged, I am thrilled at the idea of starting again. I will get to create something new. There are so many people that will be just discovering me and I get to decide what that looks like.

I am excited for this new adventure.
Keep your eyes peeled for announcements in the next few days.
Pride month is upon us, so you know it’s time for something fun.

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