San Francisco Pride/Rose Garcia – The Latin Lesbian George Clooney

When I started looking at the schedule for San Francisco Pride, naturally I looked at Eden PRIDE Events.  These are THE lesbian events for Pride in SF.  I am SO excited for this year’s Pride line up – Friday, brunch with Chef K (yes that hot chef from ABC’s The Taste), comedy with my buddy Dana Goldberg, a fashion show with my buddy from Haute Butch Clothing and AZ Marie, from America’s Next Top Model and Rose Garcia, from The Real L Word, introducing Eve.  That’s just a taste of all that is being offered.  Are you kidding me!?!
I am beyond excited to be spending time with these incredibly talented women.  I immediately put the call out to be able to get some time chatting about what it means to be part of these events.  The first to answer the call was Rose Garcia.
I was thrilled when I heard from her.  I am glad this woman plays on my team.  She’s dynamic, smart, funny, unapologetic, not to mention HOT!  I am also glad that we didn’t know each other when I was young and single, we would have done some serious damage together.
TLS: I just watched your latest radio show with you and Romi.  I laughed so hard!
Garcia: Aren’t we crazy?  We’re funny.
TLS: I laughed so much.
Garcia: We’re silly.  We had been friends before the show.  Through the last season, she was having a really hard time…we got really close.  We screwed around so much [on TRLW], we had to do something [together].
TLS: It is so much fun!  You know, I came to TRLW late.  So, I had to re-discover how awesome everybody is.
Garcia: I was kind of an ass, but I did change a lot.
TLS:  I love your “you-ness”.  I love that you are continuing to break the stereotype of what a lesbian looks like.
Garcia: You know I think now with the visibility [on television].  You know there’s that show that Jennifer Lopez is producing, where there’s two leads, they’re beautiful actresses and they’re a bi-racial [couple].
TLS:  Yeah, The Fosters, on ABC Family.
Garcia: You know coming into this year where there’s so much equality, visibility in our community.  I think [people] are more receptive to the fact that this is what lesbians look like.  That show’s going to be amazing…that’s a huge leap for our community.  It’s on network [television].  You know there’s “The New Normal”, there’s “Modern Family”.  But, to have two lesbian women carrying a network show that’s a big deal.
TLS: It is a big deal.  You did a big plug for EDEN Pride Events on the show.  You seem to have a really good time each year.
Garcia: Well, you know Christine [De La Rosa] that puts it all together.  She invited me the first year with Whitney [Mixter] and a few others, after the popularity from TRLW.  And then she called me back the second year and I went with Romi.  I had a great time.  I mean, I was just wild.  You know, I mean I do my part as a host, but I get in there with all the [women].  It’s just nuts.  The third year, she called me, you and Romi had such a good time  last year, I would love to have you back.
TLS: Haha!  Fun!
Garcia: It’s one of those events whether she invited me or not, whether I was part of the hosting and all of the activities, all of the “celesbians”.  I would still go.
TLS:  Right on
Garcia: No doubt it is a great production and the way she puts stuff together, it’s one of my favorite parties of the year;  next to Palm Springs [Clubskirts] Dinah [Shore Weekend].  I’ll let you know next year, cause this year [Eden Pride] is going to be a good one, with Eve and all of the great people there.
TLS: I’m super excited for SF Pride this year.  And there are some really great events planned.  I’m looking forward to Chef K’s brunch for the EDEN LGBTQ Youth Foundation.  Do you know her?
Garcia: Yeah, the LA [based] lesbians all kind of hang out- Whitney, Sara, me, Jessica [Clark], Chef K, all of us are all friends.
TLS: I noticed that at the Dinah.  It doesn’t surprise me.  It’s still lesbians, even if it is LA.
Garcia:  What’s crazy is a lot of us knew each other before reality TV, or in Jessica’s case, hitting it big with True Blood [HBO].  All of us knew each other before that.
TLS: That’s awesome.  Then everyone gets to celebrate their friends’ success.
Garcia: Yeah, I mean Chef K used to cook for us, you know and have dinner parties at her house.  This is long, long, long before she was even Charlie Sheen’s chef…before she got her notoriety [on ABC’s The Taste].
TLS: Nice
Garcia: It’s sort of crazy now, how everyone has found success in their own life.  It’s pretty cool actually.
TLS: And now you’re the lesbian George Clooney, haha!
Garcia: You know Romi gave me that name.  I have just accepted that I’m going to be single.  And I’m okay with that.
TLS: Living life on your own terms
Garcia: You know doing the radio show, people get to see a whole different side…we have a good time with it.
TLS: I’m glad to see you just being out there and unapologetic.  There’s no reason that men, gay or straight, can do it and women can’t.
Garcia: You know a get a big bad rap in social media, because I choose to be single.  I’m not saying I don’t ever want a relationship…I made a conscious decision…the next person that I’m with is someone I can be 100% committed to…not committed to the club, not committed to girls…committed to the person, then I’ll be ready.  I haven’t been ready yet.  I’ve been having too much fun…I will always be honest.  I don’t want a relationship.  If you want to hang out…I treat women extremely well…I’m safe about it.  So, why not?
TLS: Now you may have been portrayed, as you say, a lothario on the show.  But, it seems like it has opened up an opportunity for other young lesbians.
Garcia: To this day, we still go to events and these young, 21, 22 year old girls come up and say thank you.  We watch you on Netflix. You still get that thing…that never gets old.
TLS: It’s great because that means you are still touching people.
Garcia: It’s been a while since I was on season one and a little on season three and it hasn’t died down.  I’m still proud of being a part of it.
I am really looking forward to hanging out with Rose Garcia and all of the girls, for EDEN Pride Events at San Francisco Pride this year.  It’s going to be a blast!
There’s still time to get your tickets:
And here’s a link to catch the Romi and Rose Show, every Friday at 4pmPST:


i love rose.. but your questions are kindda boring. alot acually :/ i ddnt care to even read the q’s just the answers… its like you say nice and rose reply in 5 long sentences…. boring

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