I believe you may already know how much I like to lounge in bed.  Read “I Finally Understand Hugh Hefner”  Part of the lounging ritual has to do with the bed you are lounging in.  A big part of that experience is the sheets.
Really beautiful sheets are one of the best things in life.  So, many people underestimate a beautiful set of sheets.  Yes.  It’s true.  When you are in bed, lying on those sheets, most of the time you are sleeping.  That’s only part of your experience in bed.
Have you ever stayed in a really nice hotel, climbed into bed and found yourself moaning and sighing because it felt so good?  It was the sheets, I promise.  You can put really good sheets on a crappy mattress and it’s still amazing.  If you put crappy sheets on a good mattress, it will still feel crappy.
What makes a really good sheet?  In one word, thread count.  Ok, I know, it’s really two words.  The higher the thread count, the better the sheet.  My top three favorite companies are: Pratesi, Frette and surprise, Martha Stewart.  Two Italian companies and the queen of all things perfect.  It’s a trifecta of sumptuousness.
I remember the first time I encountered Pratesi sheets.  Known as the “Chanel of sheets”,  I was at a sample sale in NYC.  Even at sample sale prices I couldn’t afford these beautiful sheets.  I could afford, (2) exquisite pillow shams.  They were prized possessions of mine for 10 years.  I would wash them and iron them each week.  The company started because of the love for a woman.  This is an excellent reason to start a company, in my humble opinion.  Here’s an article from the Wall Street Journal about the origin of this luxury brand and the best way to make a bed ~
If your budget doesn’t currently have room for approximately $1500 for a set of Pratesi sheets.  You might want to check out Swanky Outlet
After all, I believe in living a good life.  I don’t necessarily believe in paying retail.

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