Spring Break, Summer Camp and a Contest

Hello Lovelies!
In case you haven’t been paying attention, it’s Dinah Week. Yes, the annual event, affectionately known as “Lesbian Spring Break” will be happening this week, starting April 3 through 7, in Palm Springs, CA.

I, for the first time in almost a decade, will not be attending this year. Team Socialite will be absent from the red carpet. For those of you that know me well, you know I’m having a bit of an issue with FOMO (fear of missing out). I’m feeling some kind of way about this. I sat down with Mariah Hanson the other day for an interview (come back Thursday) and I told her that the feeling I’m having right now is a bit like the first year you don’t go back to camp.

Think about it. Each year in preparing for Dinah, it’s just like packing for summer camp, with a few exceptions. You make lists of events and how many days you’ll be there, so you can pack all of your favorite outfits. Then you buy new outfits for the parties. You try on and assess your current swimsuits.  Then you go buy a new swimsuit. [I wrote a piece about packing for Dinah a few years back. The method is still solid if you need help]

Once you’ve made the arrangements. You start checking in with all of your friends to see who’s getting in when. You agonize until you know you and your roommates will get the good cabin this year. This is where Dinah becomes less like camp – making plans for who’s taking the liquor run when you land; who’s having the house parties so you know all of your fun options from the moment you step off of the plane, snack runs for the munchies, plus the run to the spot that causes the munchies. Then someone’s gotta make another ice run because you can never have too much ice!

I digress. 
As I was saying, I usually enjoy seeing my posts from previous years. They start to get me amped for what’s coming. It’s like looking at old year books just before you go back to school. 

By now I’m usually making the final preparations for my annual Friday evening, pre-red carpet party to kick off the weekend –  conferring final schedules with my producer Kory, confirming RSVP’s, checking menus with Chef T, listening to samples from DJ Veev, confirming the arrival of the rubber duck pool toy. {I’ll forward this picture separately} This year I’m being teased and tortured by IG and FB, reminding me that I’m not in Palm Springs and I’m not about to be in Palm Springs. “Look at all of the fun you are usually having…don’t you wish you were going…all of the cool kids will be there…” My feed is cruelly taunting me. 

I am keeping myself calm by counting all of my friends that will also have to miss Dinah this year. No, we won’t be together somewhere else. We’ll be working and running our businesses, spending time with family, on speaking tours, staying on a deserted island to watch turtles hatch (true story). You name it. I’ve got some pretty happening friends!

So, I decided to host a contest. In order to help me feel better about having to be absent this year, here’s my simple request. If you’ll be making it to Dinah this year, have a great time! Tag me on IG @TheLesbianSocialite  in a couple of your photos, include the hashtag #DinahWishYouWereHere. Be my unofficial Team Socialite crew this year. We’ll be checking the feed all weekend. Keep it clean people! The best one will win a prize package that I’m still assembling, I’ll post the contents on IG.

Love and Chocolates from Your Favorite Lesbian Socialite


PS Don’t forget to check back Thursday for my interview with Mariah and a recap of all of the great performers. I can tell you RIGHT NOW you need to spend the extra dough and get your ticket to the comedy show [sold through Eventbrite just click tickets, then choose the comedy show.] My friends Fortune Feimster and Chaunte Wayans are going to have you ON THE FLOOR! 

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