Still packing…

ImageYes, I’m still packing.  I leave very early tomorrow.  First stop, Denver.  I have hair and nail appointments, and meetings – with Mayor Hancock, Denver Women’s Commission, my editor and others.  I have a fashion show to attend ( and finally volunteering for Fashion Group International Denver Rising Stars event. All before Friday afternoon.
Then I hop a flight to NYC and head to Mercedes Benz Fashion Week.
My two biggest issues are what to wear and how to make it fit.  As much as I love the fashion, the fabulous and the fantastic, I am a Hippie Diva.  I love a KILLER bag and pair of heels; I also love to be barefoot, drinking wine and talking about canning veggies.  My days of being carried away by fashion and denying myself the joy of a good meal are over.  I am still fabulous, my body is just a bit more ample than the old days (or should I say young days).  My clothes need to honor all sides of my personality and my bottom.
My friend Anne Fanganello is going to help with some of that.  I’ll be sporting some really great pieces from Anna Festa Design ( this coming week.  This is a fabulous clothing line out of Denver.  This is fashion for the curvy girl.
I will devote an entire entry to Anne later this week, for now let’s just say, I know I’m gonna look good.
Although black is de rigueur for NYC, and most especially fashion, I love color.  So there have been some compromises made. Plus the space challenges around the multiple handbags and my sneakers (walking keeps me sane).
I know that it will all work out.  It always does.  I am determined not to shop, that much, while I’m there.  If for no other reason than, I have nowhere to put it.

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