My Fashion at Fashion Week

It’s been just a month since I attended Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, in New York City.  There was a great deal of preparation involved with my attendance.  My major focus was my wardrobe.  This was fashion week after all.  And being a curvy girl, finding fabulous fashion becomes more of a challenge. So, when my […]

Fashion Week – New York City – Day One

Yowza! After a whirlwind time in Denver – meetings with the Mayor, volunteering with Dress for Success Denver and Fashion Group International Denver (congratulations, attending the Barrera International Autumn 2014 Couture show (; I finally boarded a plane to New York City for Spring 2014 shows at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. Not only am […]

Still packing…

Yes, I’m still packing.  I leave very early tomorrow.  First stop, Denver.  I have hair and nail appointments, and meetings – with Mayor Hancock, Denver Women’s Commission, my editor and others.  I have a fashion show to attend ( and finally volunteering for Fashion Group International Denver Rising Stars event. All before Friday afternoon. Then […]

I Swear I'm Supposed to Be Here

I am an accredited member of the press.  I have many badges from many events to prove it; not to mention my syndicated column and other feature articles (  However, every season I wait anxiously to get my email stating that I officially have my credentials to attend Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. When it finally […]

Cocktails Anyone?

One of my favorite things to do is host a cocktail party.  It’s one of the things I really miss from living in NYC.  New Yorkers are GREAT at cocktails.  A big difference between living outside of NYC and in NYC is how well people cocktail. In NYC, we would be at a cocktail party […]

The lists are t…

The lists are the key to preventing over packing for fashion week. If you start early enough, you’ll have plenty of time to edit. ~The Lesbian Socialite Over the years, I have done a fair amount of packing.  My understanding of the importance of packing was the summer I was 5 and I went to […]

The easiest way…

The easiest way to have a successful fashion week is careful planning. You have GREATLY misjudged if you think “no one will notice.” ~The Lesbian Socialite I worked backstage production at “show week” for 12 years when I lived in NYC. The last three years I’ve been invited to have a seat. So I’ve done […]

The 15 in 15 Rule

This last week, I was in 5 cities in 7 days. Then, I spent all day at the airport waiting to get home because of weather.  I ended up with far too much time on my hands.  With thoughts of the things to do – emails to send, articles to write, schedule for this weekend’s PRIDE […]


I believe you may already know how much I like to lounge in bed.  Read “I Finally Understand Hugh Hefner”  Part of the lounging ritual has to do with the bed you are lounging in.  A big part of that experience is the sheets. Really beautiful sheets are one of the best things in life. […]