We're In This Together

As I write this, #SCOTUS, has just handed a great big gift for Pride to the LGBT community.  I watched the MSNBC Big Gay interview between out, on-air host, and San Francisco Pride Grand Marshall, Thomas Roberts, and the couples of the Prop 8 case as they received a congratulatory phone call from #POTUS on […]

Wusband: Now I …

Wusband: Now I understand why they say that women shouldn’t be in a relationship together. Me: Why baby? Wusband: Because they both want to be in the mirror at the same time. And just like you said, no matter how much like a boy I act, I’m still a woman. Me: That’s right baby. This […]

Another weekend, another benefit

It’s hump day.  This means it’s time to stop talking about what happened last weekend and start talking about what’s happening this weekend.  I am a socialite after all. This weekend is the annual anniversary celebration of the National Center for Lesbian Rights (www.nclrights.org)  This is one of my favorite nights of the social season. […]