The easiest way…

The easiest way to have a successful fashion week is careful planning. You have GREATLY misjudged if you think “no one will notice.”
~The Lesbian Socialite

I worked backstage production at “show week” for 12 years when I lived in NYC. The last three years I’ve been invited to have a seat. So I’ve done this A LOT. I thought I would share some important lessons I’ve learned along the way. Long before “what am I going to wear”, there are things to be tended to first.  Here are my top 5:

  1. Hair – color, cut, local blow out appts., hair accessories.   Whatever it takes to make sure you are well coiffed.  Figure out your hair Plan B, humidity in NYC can still be brutal in early-September.
  2. Nails – pedicures, manicures; even if you’re not a femme like me, people will still notice if you have beat up feet and untended cuticles.
  3. Repairs/Cleaning – if you have some clothing items, shoes or other accessories that need repair or dry cleaning, get it done now.  You can’t be faking it with stitch witchery, safety pins, black markers and a Shout pen.  This is fashion week.
  4. Weight – if you haven’t lost or gained it by now, it’s not going to happen; dress accordingly.  DO NOT pretend that ill-fitting clothes fit.  Just because it’s designer doesn’t mean people will forgive the fit.  The lights in the tents are unforgiving and so are those editors.
  5. Contingency money – get an extra credit card, extend your current line, start collecting on debts.  Do whatever you need to do for some extra financial cushion, this is NYC. It always costs more than you think, even when your company is paying.

Just a few helpful hints to get things started.  Next up, packing…

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