What Goes Around Comes Around

You never know what good is going to come from a painful moment in your life. June 2011 was just such a moment when long-awaited good appeared. I had been dreaming of being a writer for years, reaching all the way back to when I was 14 years old. So to hear the words, “We’d like you to write a column,” meant I was finally getting the chance to live that long, almost forgotten, dream. When I wrote the first piece for my column that came to be known as The Lesbian Socialite 7 years ago, my dreams for its success were quite small. I was simply thrilled that Outfront Colorado had even offered me the opportunity to write professionally. I had no idea then what incredible experiences I had ahead of me.

As all things do, this offer came at the perfect time. I had spent the better part of a year recovering from a breakup. I studied Deepak Chopra, my friend even took me to meet him. I danced my soul free at a weekly gathering of sacred dance. I spent countless hours with various teachers learning everything I could about energy and Universal Consciousness. I began meditating regularly, not just when I was trying to impress myself with my own goodness, but almost daily. I meditated and discovered how much better I felt. I meditated and felt my edges fall away. I meditated and found my voice again. It had been waiting there in the stillness all along.

I felt so good, I realized that I had to write and tell people about the messages I had received during meditation. It started out as a book project called, The Joy of Being You. I felt the need to really express the awakening I was experiencing and believed others would find it useful. The funny thing is, I thought what was happening was a new and unexpected turn in my life. When I started telling people about the changes I was making, the lessons I was learning, the joy that I was experiencing, the writing I was doing – no one was surprised. To put it more specifically, no one that really knew me, was surprised that I had lessons on joy to share. They had been a witness for years to my ability to continually accept whatever life had to offer and turn it into a fantastic new experience. My friend Karen had even expressed once, “you are the most make lemonade out of lemons person I’ve ever met.” Funnily enough, she was remarking on it while I was staying with her recovering after another breakup.

While working on the book, I received some sage advice about writing a blog. In my mind, this was strictly something to keep the writing juices flowing and a way to release my words to the world until the book “happened”. That book still hasn’t been released. What did happen – I got my column. I was having a blast telling the stories of all of the happenings and events to my queer Denver family. Then I met my future spouse. Then I was confirmed to a spot on the Women’s Commission for the Denver Mayor. In fact, good after good after good, continued to bless my life. In the years that followed, I’ve met rock stars, movie stars, sports stars, and other fantastic people. I met Molly Ringwald (my 80’s goddess). I met the woman that wrote the first lesbian film I saw when I was coming out. I met Melissa Etheridge! I sat front row at New York Fashion Week. I got married and was part of an article in The New York Times! The list of goodness continues, right up to finally releasing my first book and buying our dream home at the end of 2017.

Now that we’ve begun a new calendar year, I realized that it’s time for a shift. It’s time to give other people an opportunity to lift their voice and tell their stories. It’s time for The Lesbian Socialite to open up the contacts list and introduce you to some of the incredible people that have supported this journey. Starting on Valentine’s Day, I’m going to begin introducing you to people that I love. I’ll be highlighting other blogs as well as introducing you to new Team Socialite members “exclusive” content. We are also redesigning the look of the page to help reflect these new faces.
Don’t worry I’ll still have plenty to say. It’s just time to invite more people to the party.

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